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Louis A.Waroen 


Library and 


Located in historic Fort Wayne, 
Indiana, The Louis A. Warren 
Lincoln Library and Museum is the largest 
private collection of organized information 
on Abraham Lincoln. 

Since 1928, the Library and Museum have 
been host to a half a million visitors who 
have enjoyed its rich holdings and attrac- 
tive displays. 


Ihe Museum is of modern construction 
and design. Visitors marvel at 60 dis- 
plays—chronological and thematic — which 
unfold Lincoln's family genealogy, his fasci- 
nation with inventions, his career as a Whig 
politician, his involvement in the Black 
Hawk War, his foreign policy, the Emanci- 
pation Proclamation, the Gettysburg 
Address, and other events in the life of our 
16th President. 

Three reconstructed period rooms — the 
Indiana log cabin, the Springfield law office, 
and the War Department telegraph room — 
offer an authentic flavor of the life and styles 
of the mid-nineteenth century. 

Enhancing this collection are personal 
items that belonged to the President and 
his family; relics associated with Lincoln 
elections and his assassination; and numer- 
ous curios, many of them valuable Lincoln 
sculptures, artifacts, prints, and 


Special features include the flag that 
draped Lincoln's box at Ford's Theatre, one 
of the President's shawls, several pieces of 
china from the Lincoln White House, and 
periodic special exhibits on Lincoln themes. 

Colorful and spacious, the Lincoln 
Museum attracts Lincoln students young 
and old. Its self-explanatory design is ideally 
suited for individuals who wish to browse 
leisurely. Groups may arrange to have spe- 
cially guided tours led by the Museum's 


I he Library contains 20,000 volumes. 

M. The Lincolniana collection has 10,000 
volumes, which span every phase of Lincoln's 
life, legacy and legend, works on Lincoln 
written in 26 languages, and a collection of 
of books similar to those Lincoln owned 
or read. 

The remainder of the collection includes 
biographies, pamphlets, and journals about 
the men and events of Lincoln's day, books 
on the states in which Lincoln lived, and 
many other Lincoln topics. 

An important part of the Library is its 
pictorial holdings: oil paintings, original 
photographs, contemporary prints, broad- 
sides, and metallic subjects; over 6,000 dif- 
ferent prints on the Lincoln theme — engrav- 
ings, woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, 
photoengravings, busts, statues, masks, 
plaques, and medals. The breadth of the 
Library's pictorial holdings makes it a major 
center for the study of Lincoln's image as 
portrayed in a variety of media. 


I he Louis A. Warren Lincoln Library 
B. and Museum, endowed by the 
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, 
exhibits a continuing commitment to 
research in the Lincoln field. All inter- 
ested persons are invited to come and see 
one of the leading centers of Lincoln 
research in America. 


he Louis A. Warren Lincoln Library 
_and Museum is located at 1300 South 
Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46801. 
Phone (219) 424-5421 extension 7864. 

Visitors are welcome from 8:00-4:30, 
Monday through Thursday, and from 8:00- 
12:30 (noon), Friday. 


Museum Floor Plan 

Areas of Interest 

1 Kentucky: 

Parentage and Childhood 

2 Indiana: 
Formative Years 

3 Illinois: 

Careers and Courtship 

4 Springfield Years 

5 Genealogy 

6 Politics: Illinois 

7 Election of 1860 

8 War Years 

9 Washington, D. C. 
10 Assassination 





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